A Quiz on Articles A, An, The – English grammar


5 questions are asked in the English grammar quiz provided with the videos which helps to answer the questions in the quiz and increases your knowledge.
If you have just started to prepare learning and practising English grammar, then this Quiz is for you.




Figure out how to utilise Articles A, An and The in English Grammar.
Watch the film on article siblings to A, An and The to see more about the utilisation of articles with things.

The 3 articles in English grammar are a, an and the.
The student needs to choose thing by-thing which one of the articles to utilise.
Actually, there are 4 decisions to make, in light of the fact that occasionally no article is fundamental.
Local speakers, obviously, utilise the articles accurately without considering.
English students, then again, needĀ  few rules for settling on the correct decision – especially those students whose claim dialect does not have articles.

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