Chemical equation

Concepts has to be learned from balanced chemical equation:

You will learn how to balance an equation based on law of conservation of mass. Our videos help you to know clearly about each and every term in an equation like products and reactants, endothermic and exothermic reactions, what is the use of balancing an equation, what information do we get from a balanced equation, how to interpret a balanced equation using states of matter like liquid, gaseous, and solid.

We will help you to know more about how to balance a chemical equation based on law of conservation of mass. Law of conservation of mass states that, the total mass of the products formed in chemical reaction must be equal to the mass of reactants consumed.

We make you to learn the step by step procedure pf balancing a chemical equation from our videos, education fear ensures with the quality tips and exam-oriented topics through our power point presentation (PPT). Just watch our videos and be confident to present your skills in the exams. We also ensure with the discussed problems in our videos which have more scope to appear in your physics 10th exam 2018.

Important aspects while learning from video:

While we balance an equation, we should be aware of not changing subscripts and remember to change only coefficients to get a balanced equation with equal number of atoms on both the sides which satisfies the law of conservation of mass and to be perfect with this concept go through the videos for more information.

Don't change subscripts in any equation.

Ensure that coefficients shouldn’t be added in the middle of any chemical formula.

Try to write coefficients in smallest ratio as possible.


"Endo" means inside and thermic means heat. A reaction occurs when heat is absorbed during a chemical reaction.


"Exo "means out and "thermic" means heat. A reaction occurs when heat is released during a chemical reaction.